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AGES 8 - 12 | GR​ADES 3 - 6



We are dedicated to empowering young minds ​from marginalized communities through ​comprehensive, high-quality coding education ​of tomorrow. We aim to nurture not just ​technical skills, but also confidence and ​community; paving the way for personal growth ​and societal advancement.

The Future of ​TECHNOLOGY

lives in the ​communities we build.

serving communities of ​Boston and surrounding ​neighborhoods

Who we serve

el​ementary scholars

8 - 11.5 year olds | Grades 4 - 6

Knowledge seekers

hi​gh school scholars

14 - 18 year olds | Grades 9 - 12 ​STEM educators

co​mmunity investors

Advocates for STEAM education with ​a ​proven record of investment

Activity Series

We offer an array of STEM courses specific to today’s emerging trends in technology

game design + ​ani​mation

artificial ​intellige​nce

robotics of ​tomorrow

What we offer

co​ding bootcamps + sprints

Engaging and fun ways to ignite ​ypung ​minds in tech

qu​arterly workshops

Hands-on tech experiences designed ​to​ inspire and educate

ye​ar round mentorship

personalized guidance to nurture ​growt​h and potential


Game ​Design

This course provides a hands-on ​introduction to game design, where ​students will learn to create their own ​interactive games using Scratch, fostering ​creativity and problem-solving skills.


  • Understanding of basic ​programming concepts.
  • Ability to create and share ​interactive games.
  • Enhanced problem-solving and ​logical thinking abilities.
  • Experience in collaborative project ​development.


In this course, students will dive into the world ​of robotics, learning how to build and program ​robots. Through various hands-on projects, they ​will explore concepts such as sensors, motors, ​and control systems, gaining practical ​experience in engineering and technology.


  • Knowledge of robotics fundamentals.
  • Hands-on experience with building ​and programming robots.
  • Improved technical and engineering ​skills.
  • Understanding of real-world ​applications of robotics.

Machine ​Learning

This course provides an overview of AI and ​machine learning, covering key concepts and ​techniques. Students will learn how AI is ​transforming various industries and will engage ​in projects that demonstrate machine learning ​principles, such as data analysis and model ​training.


  • Basic understanding of AI and ​machine learning concepts.
  • Ability to implement simple machine ​learning models.
  • Insights into the implications and ​future of AI.
  • Understanding of real-world

3D ​Design

In this course, students will explore the exciting ​field of 3D design with Tinkercad. They will ​learn how to create 3D models and bring their ​ideas to life through various projects. This ​course encourages creativity and innovation, ​providing a strong foundation in digital design.


  • Proficiency in using Tinkercad for 3D ​modeling.
  • Ability to create and modify 3D designs.
  • Enhanced spatial reasoning and design ​thinking skills.
  • Experience in preparing 3D models for ​printing use.

About US

We are a mighty yet BYTE size team of software ​coders, AI engineers and product designers who have ​a heart for the communities we were raised in.

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