At BYTE Ventures we are missioned to closing the digital gap, bringing cutting-edge STEM education to underserved communities. Our commitment is to transform tech deserts into thriving hubs of tech literacy and innovation, ensuring every child has the opportunity to excel in the digital age.

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Coding Bootcamp

8:30 - 4PM

Session I July 15 - 19

Session II July 22 - 26

Session III July 29 - 2

Session IV Aug 5 - 9


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Game Design

Teachable Ai

Lunch & Snacks

Laptops (on campus)

Outdoor Activities

Field trips

Together, we can bridge the digital divide and build a brighter future for all.

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Our Location

The Dewitt Center

122 Dewitt Drive Boston, MA

BYTE Summer AI &STEM program is now open

Limited spots available

“If a single line of code has the power to change the world,

what do you think a community of young coders could do?”